Introducing Perception 2: Advanced Behavior AI for Unity Game Creators

Perception 2 by Catsoft Works is a powerful tool for Unity developers looking to elevate their game's AI to new heights.

In the world of game development, creating believable and responsive AI can be a challenging task. This is where Perception 2 by Catsoft Works shines, offering Unity developers a robust set of tools to craft sophisticated behavior AI for their games. Available on the Unity Asset Store, Perception 2 is an extension of the Game Creator 2 suite, designed to enhance the realism and interactivity of non-playable characters (NPCs).

Overview of Perception 2

Perception 2 is a comprehensive behavior AI plugin that integrates seamlessly with Unity's environment. It provides a suite of features that enable developers to create NPCs with a heightened sense of perception and decision-making capabilities. The plugin is particularly suited for action-adventure, stealth games, and any title where NPC interactions are crucial to the gameplay experience.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Perception System: NPCs can now perceive their environment with a more detailed field of view (FOV), allowing them to detect smaller targets and react accordingly.
  • Behavior Trees: The plugin includes a behavior tree system that offers a flexible way to define complex AI logic, making it easier to create AI that can adapt to various situations.
  • Action Framework: Developers can utilize a rich set of actions and triggers to define how NPCs respond to player actions and environmental changes.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Perception 2 has garnered positive reviews from the Unity community, with many developers praising its ease of use and effectiveness in enriching NPC behavior. Users have reported that the plugin significantly enhances the realism of their games, making it a must-have for those looking to create immersive gaming experiences.

One reviewer, Tran Thiet Duy, noted that Perception 2 offers everything needed for a quality AAA action-adventure stealth game, comparing it favorably to the well-known series, Tenchu. The plugin's ability to handle complex AI logic and its compatibility with the Game Creator 2 framework have been highlighted as major selling points.

Developer Information: Catsoft Works

Catsoft Works is the developer behind Perception 2 and the Game Creator 2 suite. Known for their commitment to providing modern technologies and clean, productive workflows, Catsoft Works has made a name for themselves in the Unity Asset Store. Their focus on user feedback and continuous improvement ensures that their tools remain relevant and effective for game developers.


Perception 2 by Catsoft Works is a powerful tool for Unity developers looking to elevate their game's AI to new heights. With its advanced perception system and behavior trees, it offers a level of customization and control that is essential for creating memorable NPC interactions. Whether you're developing an infiltration game or an open-world adventure, Perception 2 is a plugin that can significantly enhance your game's AI capabilities.

For more information and to explore user reviews, visit the Perception 2 product page on the Unity Asset Store. Perception 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works